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Historical Product

From 1989 to 1999, Display Research Laboratory was mainly focusing in the VGA-to-TV signal processing technology and products. Although most of the old products are outdated, they actually have some significant value to the society and technology improvement.

| VIP-01033 Video Interlace Proccessor Chip | SVGA resolution TV Wall Controller |
| DT-2200CV Color Quad Processor | T3PRO VGA/SVGA/Mac to NTSC Universal Converter |

VIP-01033 Video Interlace Processor chip:

The VIP-01033 is a highly integrated single chip video interlace processor. It provides a means to a low-cost video scan rate conversion. For line-based conversion,no extra memory and discrete logic elements \ are required. For frame-based conversion, VIP-01033 based designs are also highly optimized. Selectable sampling rate, horizontal overscan and underscan controls, adjustable horizontal and vertical positions, and TV synchronization timing generation for both NTSC and PAL make VIP-01033 very flexible for different applications. It is a powerful building block for video scan converters.

In addition, the VIP-01033 uses a proprietary digital filtering technique to generate a flicker-free, sharp, and stable image on TV. When viewed using S-Video or RGB SCART, even the dot of 'i' and the loop of 'e' can be seen clearly.

SVGA resolution TV Wall Controller:

Product highlight:
  • Can display 800x600 SVGA signal clearly
  • Use ordinary TV set to display sharp image
  • Infrared remote control alignment and set up
  • Nine TV outputs for 2x2, 2x3 2x4 or 3x3 configuration
  • Zoom / unzoom / external selection for each TV individually

3 times resolution at 1/3 the price
Easy set up, dismantle, and transport

Windows based control program [View Demo]:

The Windows based TV Wall Control Program is very easy to use. Everything is self explanatory. The flat layout enables you to place the panel in the invisible area when controlling a 2x2 or 2x3 screen. You can operate it manually or have it execute a text based command file.

DT-2200CV Color Quad Processor:

The DT-2200CV is a high resolution Color Quad Processor with VGA and video output. It combines ease of use and power. Being among the first group of VGA resolution processor, it brings us to an era in which a color CCTV system has higher resolution than the monochrome counterpart. There is no more reason for B/W systems.

Feature highlight:
  • VGA high resolution output.
  • Flexible display modes. [View Demo]
  • User friendly on-screen-display menu.
  • Support both PAL and NTSC TV system.
  • Simultaneous display on all output (VGA, S-Video, Composite Video).
  • Automatic saving of unit setting.
  • Y2K compliant real-time clock

VGA resolution color
CCTV surveillance equipment

T3PRO VGA/SVGA/Mac to NTSC Universal Converter with Remote Handset:

Feature highlight:
  • Compact size and light weight
  • Power from computer or AC/DC adapter
  • Compatible with PC and Mac
  • Remote for converter and PC/Mac Mouse
  • 2xZoom & one-touch 9 pre-set zone

small and feature loaded
A custom design for Integrity Peripherals Co.


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